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What is Numerology?

What is Numerology?: Foto: © Dzhulbee / shutterstock / #1511661947
Foto: © Dzhulbee / shutterstock / #1511661947

Numerology – The Fascinating World of Number Symbolism

But what exactly is numerology?

If numerology were to be described in simple terms, it would be described as a study of numbers. With numerology we can find out and uncover detailed information about ourselves as a person, but also about the world. People like to speak of numerology as the universal language of numbers.

Those who are familiar with astrology may also already know something about the subject of numerology and how it works. Both tools are similar, although both use a different method to receive the desired information and insights. In numerology, these are the numbers.

Behind numerology is the idea that the universe is a system. Once we are not in order, you could also say once we are broken, the numbers support us in understanding ourselves and the world around us better. They serve us as a basic element, so to speak.

Numerology – Our life in numbers

Discover the meaning in numbers

Numerology assumes that everything we are and are surrounded by depends on the numbers. And all of this can be equated, so to speak, by taking the elements of a person and bringing them into a meaningful relationship with the numbers through various methods. We can then use these numbers to understand the big picture and take a deep look inside ourselves to get a better understanding of ourselves as individuals and gain insight into our personality.

In numerology, for example, you can find out your own Name Number, Fate Number / Destiny Number, Life Number, Heart Number or Soul Urge Number. Among all these number systems, the Fate Number is probably the number that has the greatest significance for us.

What meaning does the Fate Number have for us?

The Fate Number reveals to us the direction we must take in life. It shows us our individual path in life as well as the chances and opportunities that are offered to us. In addition, the Fate Number shows us what talents we have within us and what calling we have been given along the way. In short: The Fate Number is our guide in life.

We provide more information about the meaning of the individual numbers in further articles. So stay tuned!