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Numerology – Love & Relationship

Numerology – Love & Relationship: Foto: © Dzhulbee / shutterstock / #775494628
Foto: © Dzhulbee / shutterstock / #775494628

Numerology and Love

Who doesn’t want a partner by their side who shares their life with them? Someone who is always there and with whom you go through thick and thin. In good and bad times. Yes, everyone longs for love and security. Unfortunately, life and love do not always happen the way we wish and hope for. Thus, it can also happen that we go through the world as a single person for a while and the search for a partner turns out to be extremely difficult and complicated.

But even if the search for a partner does not produce the desired results, as a single person you will probably not give up the idea of finding the right person so quickly. People are simply not born to be alone. But what happens when you have found someone? Whatever happens then is only written in the stars... or in the numbers?

Clarity is good for us in every situation in life. Also, in love. If you want to know the current status of your relationship with your loved one and are currently lacking clarity in matters of love, it can be very helpful to get an outside perspective. In this way, you can release the worries that prevent you from being completely happy and say goodbye to them. Numerology is one of the spiritual tools that can help you get clarity. Because numerology, i.e., number symbolism, can also be applied in love matters.

We would like to show you precisely what the magic of numbers can do in love.

Recognising the love messages of numbers

It is well known that numerology, also known as number mysticism or number symbolism, is one of the oldest secret sciences in the world. Numerology was and still is used in the most diverse cultures to find answers and bring clarity to uncertain situations. The Babylonians already attributed a special meaning to numbers. However, numerology is not only used by them, but also in China, for example.

Numerology, or number symbolism, is about attributing a certain meaning to individual numbers and combinations of numbers. Each individual number has its own value. Every day and at every moment we are surrounded by numbers. They run through our entire life and our everyday life. In every situation, numbers show themselves. Because they are always present in such a way, we usually don’t even notice them consciously. After all, we see them everywhere: on our wristwatch, on our front door, our own date of birth, our bank account number, our car registration number or even our telephone number. These are all numbers that we are confronted with every day.

Those who have not yet studied numerology in detail will probably give little thought to the meaning of the individual numbers. Yet numbers are more than just random numbers and digits. Rather, they are our companions in life, we are always surrounded by them. We might even say that numbers are a part of us and our lives. And if every person is accompanied by his or her own numbers in life, you can also conclude that they have a meaning when two people enter into a love relationship.

By many, numbers are called the key to the personal path of life. A key that can reveal our destiny and recognise our soul’s purpose. Those who are able to read the numbers correctly can learn and discover interesting things about themselves and their partner. Numerology helps to bring light into the darkness through the many number combinations. Who am I really? Who is my partner? Numerology gives us an insight into a multitude of personal information that we cannot yet understand.

Numerology and Love

Already in the first minutes when we meet a person, we decide, or rather our gut feeling, whether we find this person likeable or not. Over time, we also find out whether we have common interests and things in common. And whether we are on the same wavelength ...

If we then get to know a certain person better over time and learn more about his/her characteristics, the higher the probability that we will fall in love – if the similarities and the positive feeling for him/her prevail. The chemistry just has to be right and sometimes it can happen very quickly and unexpectedly.

During the time of getting to know each other, you wish more and more to look behind his or her façade to know who he or she really is. And this is where numerology comes in, because it can help us get to know and understand him or her better. And when we get the chance to look behind his/her façade, we can fully surrender and do everything to make the partnership work.

Using numerology in matters of love means for us that we can find out whether the person is a good match for us or not. What potential does our partnership have? Do we have a chance for the future? Can true love develop from it? What is the meaning behind our love constellation? How do we calculate the potential of the relationship?

In order to answer the above questions with the help of numerology, you need the first name and surname of yourself and of the person you love. The sum of the two names is calculated. You can then compare these sums in relation to each other and see whether the relationship can also work from a numerological point of view. With this calculation or comparison of the numbers, you can also see what difficulties both partners might have to expect.