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The Meaning of The Individual Numbers at A Glance

The Meaning of The Individual Numbers at A Glance: Foto: © Dzhulbee / shutterstock / #618349943
Foto: © Dzhulbee / shutterstock / #618349943

As already mentioned in a previous article, you can calculate your personal Fate Number / Destiny Number using your own date of birth. However, if you want to calculate your Heart Number or Name Number, you can find it out through your own name.

With numerology you have the possibility to learn more about your own life and above all about your own destiny through various calculations of the numbers, whether Name Number, Heart Number or also the Fate Number / Destiny Number.

In the following article we would like to give you a brief overview of the general meaning of the individual Name Numbers as well as their calculation in numerology.

The calculation of the Name Number

Convert a name into numbers:

A, J or S: 1
B, K or T: 2
C, L or U: 3
D, M or V: 4
E, N or W: 5
F, O or X: 6
G, P or Y: 7
H, Q or Z: 8
I or R: 9


Hans Dieter Meier

Hans: 8151
Dieter: 495259
Meier: 45959

You now form the respective transverse sum from all the numbers. If the result is neither 1 to 9 nor 11, 22 or 33, calculate the cross sum again from the result.

8+1+5+1 = 17 = 1+7 = 8
4+9+5+2+5+9 = 34 = 3+4 = 7
4+5+9+5+9 = 32 = 3+2 = 5

Then add up the numbers and again perform a cross-sum calculation. As described above, the same applies here: If the result is neither the number 1 to 9 nor 11, 22 or 33, perform a cross-sum calculation from the result again.

8+7+5 = 20 = 2+0 = 2

So the Name Number in our example would be the number 2.

Special characters:

ä = ae
ö = oe
ü = ue
ß = ss
é = ee

Names with special characters are first converted before you carry out the replacement of the letters with numbers described above.

So Müller becomes Mueller, Müllerlüdenscheidt becomes Muellerluedenscheidt.

There are also special features, such as the name René or André. The “é” lengthens the vowel (consonant), so this should be interpreted as “ee”. Therefore, always pay attention to the phonetic formation of foreign special characters – this is where the letters come from.


Hans-Jürgen Müller-Lüdenscheidt

Hyphenated names: belong together numerologically, i.e. “Hansdieter” and “Müllerlüdenscheidt”.

Hansdieter = 8151495259 = 8+1+5+1+4+9+5+2+5+9 = 49 = 4+9 = 13 = 1+3 = 4
Muellerluedenscheidt = 43533593354551385942 = 4+3+5+3+3+5+9+3+3+5+4+5+5+1+3+8+5+9+4+2 = 89 = 8+9 = 17 = 1+7 = 8

The commercial & sign:

There are generally two different understandings here. According to Pythagoras’ calculation, “and” as a separate word. According to Helyn Hitchcock, the “&” is counted as the number 9.

The number symbolism of the Name Number at a glance

Number 1

The Name Number 1 stands for people for whom their independence and freedom are very important. 1-people usually have a rather strong character and will. They are very goal-oriented in life and often tend to react somewhat too impulsively in situations. People with the number 1 are sometimes found in leadership positions where they can assert their strong will. It is not uncommon for 1-people to be stubborn, self-centred and sometimes even aggressive.

Number 2

People with the Name Number 2 are always eager to live in harmony and peace. Especially when it comes to interpersonal relationships. People with 2 can adapt well to their environment. They have no problem showing consideration for their fellow human beings. They owe this to their empathic way of dealing with their loved ones. They have a talent for putting themselves in others’ shoes and feeling what they feel. Negative about people with the number 2 is often that they tend to think negatively and are pessimistic, which partly limits them in their lives.

Number 3

Whoever is assigned the Name Number 3 is a true cheerful person. People with 3 are characterised by their communicative and cheerful nature. They also have a very creative streak in them, which they also like to live out. People with the number 3 are charming and know how to talk to their counterpart. With these character traits, it is not surprising that people with 3 go through life in a positive and optimistic way and look to the future. On the other hand, they tend to live in their own world, far away from reality. They paint the world as they like it.

Number 4

Order and organisation are things that are above all attributable to people with the number 4. Because these attributes are very important to them. People with 4 are also very generous characters who like to be helpful to their fellow human beings when their support is needed. However, their helpfulness and generosity only apply to people with whom they feel completely comfortable. A negative aspect of people with the number 4 is that they tend to lose their courage quickly and become too dependent on other people.

Number 5

People with the number 5 love and need constant change in their lives. They usually have great difficulty living in one and the same place for too long. This also applies to their (professional) activity. They need change. The urge for change also means, of course, that they are very adventurous and cosmopolitan people with whom you can have excellent conversations, about God and the world. 5-people are attracted to beautiful things and love luxury. Their weaknesses include restlessness and nervousness.

Number 6

Anyone who identifies with the number 6 is a perfectionist. A person, therefore, who usually makes high demands on others as well as on themselves. Ambition and a sense of responsibility are definitely among their strengths. And a love of detail can also be attributed to the 6-people. The negative aspect of these qualities is that they sometimes lose focus on the essentials because they dwell too much on trivialities. People with the number 6 also often have to listen to the term “know-it-all”. However, this does not mean that people with a 6 are not social and compassionate beings.

Number 7

People with the number 7 have a very understanding streak, which is further supported by their balanced and calm nature. People with 7 are positive people at heart and always believe in the good in people and in the world in general. Those who can count themselves among these people usually have a strong curiosity and love to discover new things. They learn quickly and have no problem using their intellect skilfully. The negative side of the 7-people is that they tend to be too easily influenced by the opinions of others because they like to please everyone.

Number 8

8-people have a true fighter’s heart. They will do anything when it comes to achieving their goals and dreams. In doing so, they convince above all with perseverance and are not afraid to pursue them tenaciously. They are also distinguished above all by their excellent knowledge of human nature. Justice and a sense of responsibility are very important to them. They also attach particular importance to material things and their status in the outside world. As a result, these preferences often lead to other, perhaps more important things receiving less attention from them.

Number 9

The number 9 stands for people with charisma, a pronounced empathy for others and authority. People with 9 can also attribute emotional intelligence to themselves. And for this they are admired and valued above all by other people in their environment. Honesty and their own ideals and values are particularly important to them. When making decisions, they use their intuition as well as their intellect. This can sometimes lead to them not knowing what to listen to.

Master Numbers 11, 22 and 33

Master Number 11

The Master Number 11 stands for people who are idealistic and strive for their “enlightenment”. People with 11 have a lot of charisma and can often be found in job positions that demand corresponding leadership qualities from them. They are visionaries, always inspired and not afraid of changes in life. People with the Master Number 11 are spiritually inclined and have a connection to the supernatural. On the other rather negative side is the tendency to arrogance and often that these people blind themselves.

Master Number 22

People with the Master Number 22 are practical idealists. People with 22 have the talent to see the “big picture” and thus pursue their goals and plans, with very clear visions. People with the Master Number 22 are people who bring order and structure to the world – they are doers and builders. They have a great and far-reaching influence in the universe and a benefit for humanity.

Master Number 33

The Master Number 33 is a very rarely occurring number in numerology. Opinions differ on its interpretation. Basically, however, it can be said that the Master Number 33 stands for creative power and is attributed to the strong love vibration through its cross sum 6 (3+3). People with the Master Number 33 are spiritually highly developed persons, equivalent to masters and universal leaders.

We will discuss the master numbers 11, 22 and 33 in more detail in a separate article, because these are very special numbers...